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Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your Career

Are you lacking the appropriate qualifications  to study for a higher education certificate in:-



-health and social care



-events management

-luxury hospitality

If so, read on so that you can apply for one of the following:-

i    -pre-degree course

ii   -foundation course

iii  -access course

for undergraduate preparation


iv   -pre-masters course

v   - academic writing skills course

for postgraduate preparation



London is One of the Best Student Cities in the World

Whilst the UK boasts many cities for great study experience, London is ranked the second most popular city in the world for students.  Paris is ranked as number one but, obviously, it would be easier to be fluent in French to go to the number one student choice!  


World Class Facilities at the Finest Faculties

The UK has the finest world class facilities at the finest faculties with millions of pounds constantly being reinvested in order to create a world class, student-centred environment which will enrich everyone’s experience.


Internationally Diverse Student Community

With a large number of foreign students London has a diverse international student community that comes to the UK on student visas every year.  Studying in the UK is a challenge and you should think carefully about what you wish to study in order for you to have a positive experience.  Careful consideration should be given prior to your application for a student visa for the UK.


Career Development

If you are seeking a career in international business or healthcare management London is home to many of Europe’s top 500 companies, including the FTSE, London’s Stock Exchange, as well as the headquarters of many of the worlds leading corporate companies.  The opportunities are also vast for work experience if you are interested in the highly sought after industries of management consultancy, hospitality management, sports, fashion or music management.




UK Graduates Rank Highest Among Job Recruiters

UK education ranks as some of the highest in terms of global recruitment. Especially as:-


  • The UK is one of the most sought after countries for higher education.

  • The country offers a vibrant and multi-ethnic culture, and is considered as the best multi-lingual and cosmopolitan cities.

  • The UK degrees are recognized and respected all over the world. It’s the oldest established educational system which is still succeeding in global competition.

  • The UK also gives many opportunities to explore various industries to start a career with.

  • Study in the UK is affordable compare to USA or Canada

  • Students are prepared to start earning early with shorter duration programs.

  • There are vast choices of institutions and subjects with flexible programs.

  • A lot of scholarship and bursaries are offered by the UK institutions.

  • National Health Service is Free for students going for higher education for more than 6 months of studies

  • There is a diverse, tolerant and stable social environment

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